Dead end insulators


Composite silicone rubber, or polymeric housed dead-end insulators consist of a fiberglass core with a polymeric sheath and weathersheds. End fittings are made of hot dip galvanized steel. Insulators are available for 15kV through 35kV power distribution systems.

End fittings

The end fittings are clevis and tongue type, made of hot-dip galvanized forged steel(stainless steel, or other specified materials), apply standards of IEC 61466-1, and are mechanically and directly crimped attached to the FRP core rod. Tensions force will be transmitted from conductor to tower. Coatings apptded by hot dip galvanizing are in accordance with ISO 1461 with the minimum local coating thickness greater or equal than 80mm.

Weather sheds and sheath

Produced with High Temperature Vulcanized silicone rubber compound which exhibit high, long-term hydrophobicity, high aging resistance, high corona resistance and low permeability to moisture. HTV (High Temperature Vulcanized – solid silicone rubber): The core of the Solid silicone rubbers are cured at elevated temperature (200 ºC approx), either by means of organic peroxides or with platinum catalyst. The cured rubber is compounded with reinforcing fillers to give it its mechanical strength.

Character of Silicone Rubber:

electric erosion with a classification Class 1A 4.5
withstand a low-intensity-electric arc 180 seconds
tear strength (cohesion) higher than 8 N/mm
hydrophobic features V0
sitdcone-rubber volume resistivity higher than 10^10 Ω·m

ECR core

The core rod is the abbreviation of the epoxy resin glass fiber drawing rod. It is the load-bearing part of the composite insulator's mechanical load and the main part of the internal insulation. It is required to have high mechanical strength, insulation performance and long-term stability.


Composite silicone rubber, or polymeric housed dead-end insulators are used to electrically isolate the phase conductors from ground. They are suitable foruse on Spacer Cable or Tree Wire Systems. The use of a shackle clevis is recommended when attaching dead-end insulators to Hendrix dead-end brackets.

dead end insulators application

Electric Parameters

Product No. System Voltage (kV) Section Length (inches) SML Power Frequency Flashover (kV) Critical Impulse Flashover (kV)
lbs kN Dry Wet Positive Negative
DS 15 15 12.5 7,500 45 110 75 140 160
DS 25 25 18.75 7,500 45 150 130 260 280
DS 35 35 19.63 7,500 45 200 160 325 360