Fiberglass Guy Strain Insulators

guy composite insulator with roller

Xiangyang Guowang's guy strain insulators consist of end fittings and fiberglass rod with HTV silicon rubber coating. They are applied for down guys or pole-to-pole guys on overhead lines.


The fiberglass rod, coated with HTV silicone rubber, is the insulating part of insulator. It will protect the power current go to the strand directly, and lower the possibility of flashover. Also it can provide a more strength mechanical load than the porcelain guy strain insulator.

The core rod is the abbreviation of the epoxy resin glass fiber drawing rod. It is the load-bearing part of the composite insulator's mechanical load and the main part of the internal insulation. It is required to have high mechanical strength, insulation performance and long-term stability. Now the core rod material generally adopts resin-reinforced unidirectional glass fiber drawing rod. It is the skeleton of the composite insulator, which plays multiple roles such as supporting the umbrella cover, inner insulation, connecting the two ends of the fittings, and bearing the mechanical load. It has a high tensile strength, generally up to 600Mpa or more, which is twice that of ordinary steel. 5 to 8 times that of porcelain materials, and has good dielectric properties and chemical resistance, as well as good resistance to bending fatigue, creep resistance and impact resistance.

End fittings

The end fittings, made of hot-dip galvanized forged steel (stainless steel, or other specified materials), and are mechanically and directly crimped attached to the FRP core rod. Tensions force will be transmitted from strand to the pole. Coatings apptded by hot dip galvanizing are in accordance with ISO 1461 with the minimum local coating thickness greater or equal than 80mm.

There are different kinds of end fittings can be choosen for the guy strain insulators.

roller clevis Tongue
clevis with roller clevis tongue


Main Technical Data

Core Material ECR fiberglass rod
Coating Material HTV silicone rubber
Metal Fittings material Hot dip galvanized steel
Galvanizing thickness (um) ⪙86
Tension Load (kN) 70,111,120,160 ...
Insulation Length (inch) 12, 18, 24, 36, 42, 54 ...