330KV 160KN Long rod Polymer Insulator

330KV 160KN Long rod Polymer Insulator

Rated Voltage: 330 kV

Specified Mechnical Load: 160 kN

Standard: IEC 61109

330kV 160kN long rod polymer insulators are manufactured by Xiangyang Guowang Composite Insulators Co., Ltd who was established in 1997. The company covers an area of more than 37,000 square meters. The enterprise has a production capacity of 0.5 million 330 kV long rod polymer insulators per year.

The insulating components of both the suspension and strain insulator string are made of HTV silicone rubber. 330kV 160kN long rod polymer insulator with ball and socket fitting will be comply with the latest edition of IEC 60120 and IEC 60383 and as applicable BS 137 and IEC61109.


Parameter Unit Value
Model   FXB3-330/160SB FXB4-330/210SB
Country or original   China China
Rated voltage kV 300 300
Max. voltage kV 330 330
Standard   IEC IEC
Material   HTV Silicone Rubber HTV Silicone Rubber
Core rod diameter mm 24 24
Minimum creepage Line mm 13750 17050
Specified Mechanical Load(SML) kN 160 210
Specified Mechanical Load(SML) kN 80 105
Power frequency withstand voltage, dry kV 760 900
Power frequency flashover voltage, dry kV 1200 1250
Power frequency withstand voltage, wet kV 725 860
Power frequency flashover voltage, wet kV 990 1030
Lightning impulse withstand voltage, positive kV 1855 2070
Lightning impulse falshover voltage, positive kV 2040 2300
Lightning impulse withstand voltage,negative kV 1870 2090
Lightning impulse falshover voltage,negative kV 2045 2350
Maximum RIV at 1M Hz dB 100 100
Minimum dry arcing distance mm 3490 4250