400 KV - 210KN composite long rod insulator

400 KV - 210KN composite long rod insulator

Rated Voltage: 400 kV

Specified Mechnical Load: 210 kN

Standard: IEC

Biref history of GW's composite long rod insulator

Xiangyang Guowang Composite Insulators Co., Ltd. (GW) is located in Xiangyang, China, and has been serving the field of composite long rod insulators for more than forty (20) years throughout world and other countries. In the 1980s GW was the first company who use silicone rubber composite materials for insulators’ housing and sheds. The extensive experience in composite long rod insulator has made GW become the market leader in China and many other countries.

Adavanges of GW's composite long rod insulator

  • Twenty (20) years of experience in design and production of composite long rod insulator technology.
  • High quality HTV silicone rubber made, optimized, applied for the purpose of application.
  • Productcomposite long rod insulators with voltage from 10 kV to 1000 kV, which applicable for both distribution and transmission system.
  • Injection moulding process and modular process.
400 KV - 160KN composite long rod insulator
Parameter Unit Value
Model   FXB4-400/120SB FXB3-400/120SB
Country or original   China China
Max. voltage kV 425 425
Standard   IEC IEC
Material   HTV Silicone Rubber HTV Silicone Rubber
Core rod diameter mm 18 18
Minimum creepage Line mm 13020 13020
Specified Mechanical Load(SML) kN 210 105
Power frequency withstand voltage, dry kV 635 625
Power frequency flashover voltage, dry kV 600 870
Power frequency withstand voltage, wet kV 400 600
Power frequency flashover voltage, wet kV 505 755
Lightning impulse withstand voltage, positive kV 750 1200
Lightning impulse falshover voltage, positive kV 950 1455
Lightning impulse withstand voltage,negative kV 780 1250
Lightning impulse falshover voltage,negative kV 1035 1530
Maximum RIV at 1M Hz dB 40 40
Minimum dry arcing distance mm 1520 2300